Hey, thanks for taking an interest in my books! Unfortunately, I'm still working on publishing them. The Man with a Loco Motive and Cherry Pits are both being edited. Keep checking back to see when their release dates will be and for more books to be added!

Cherry Pits

What happens when a murderer is too lazy to clean up his own bodies? He hires someone else to do it for him.

Chester Finnegan is a cleaner, and strictly a janitor of dead bodies. Failing miserably as an artist, he needed to find some way to pay the bills. The killer and the cleaner have never met in person and use text messages to remain hidden. It’s kept their identities safe so far, but when one of them makes a mistake, their alliance quickly falls into a rivalry. With no way of beating the killer, Chester struggles to escape from this morally disturbed human.

That is, until he discovers the cherry pits.

The Man with a Loco Motive

Taking place in a modern 1950's setting, Pierce Robins, an ex-gang member battling with depression, has just been accused of murdering his father, but even he isn't sure if he is the killer or not. The city calls for desperate measures and gives him a choice: He can stay in jail until court, or drive the train his father once used to drive until then. He must create a solid case, and discover for himself whether or not he is the murderer.


Filled with heartache, suspense, gangsters, and a touch of romance, this is a riveting story full of surprises and hidden morals. This will make you think twice about the choices you make and also entertain with the interactions between different characters.

"This suspense is terrible. I hope it will last." - Oscar Wilde