Once Again

Life and Death are equal
Only we long for what's
Closest to us

As a baby, so full of wonder
We want to experience this
New Life

And as we grow a little older
We realize there are some hardships
To overcome

A quarter through
We begin to question
Which is better

Life or Death
But we carry on
Being only so young

And then we are in the middle
Where we have regrets
And we have dreams

Almost done now
So much gone by
So much aching

Life, which seemed greater
Than the stars in the sky
And all the love in the world

Doesn't seem so great anymore
For there's a shadow of Death ahead
And he stands with his palms out

Those who are at the end
Who've lived Life
And are now tired

They see Death
As the new Life
And hope to be full of wonder

Once again