I feel like I'm drowning
But death
Refuses to take me
So I just keep sinking

I've hit rock bottom
But for some reason
I keep scratching at the rocks
As if I want to go deeper
So I keep sinking

Underneath the rocks is a pit of poison
Surely, drowning in this will kill me
But it doesn't
So I keep sinking

I realize there is no rock bottom
Life can always get worse
And scarcely get better
Feeling only makes you hurt more
So I keep sinking

As I gasp for air
I accept my fate
Of never seeing light again
And I keep sinking

I'd rather feel nothing than pain
And I keep falling
But I know I will never die
Because life just isn't that forgiving
So I keep sinking

There's nothing to grab onto
I can only support myself
And until someone reaches out
I'll keep sinking

But maybe there's still hope
Maybe if I try harder I can end this
Because no one will ever save me
I'm just a drop in the ocean
So I keep sinking

But if I hold my breath
And strangle my heart
Maybe, just maybe...